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Contract Research

Our scientists and processes continue to deliver proof of concept packages to support our industry-leading partners in Cell and Gene Therapy

Services Offered:

LNP Formulation Study

Custom mRNA/saRNA/ circRNA Synthesis

Partnering with us will provide your company with industry leading synthesis techniques and products.

  • Ready-to-use constructs to host Client's ORF sequence
  • High through-put synthesis up to 96 sequence/batch
  • Guaranteed purity and capping with many optional add-on characterizations
  • Deliver as fast as 4 weeks 

Custom Formulation Screening & Study

Our experts will work alongside your team to provide a customizable experience for any of your research outcomes.

  • Hundreds of LNP formulation library for various applications
  • High through-put screening with in-vivo validation
  • Formulation and process DoE study
  • Preliminary stability evaluation and optimization

Custom DNA Construct & Host Cell Screening

Utilizing our world-class technology will allow your team to personalize DNA constructs and successfully screen for host cells.

  • Custom DNA construct library to host special sequence (>10kb, long polyA, long repeated sequence)
  • Compatible host cell
  • Passage stability evaluation
  • Custom linear DNA production

Interested in working with our team?

Our experts will work alongside you to achieve your end goal and ensure you are provided with industry leading products.